A new era starts today

Well, Obama’s in and Bush is out, starting today around noon, Eastern Central Time. That’s about 5 PM my time, and while I won’t feel a physical or spiritual anything that tells me when it’s happened, at least I know there’s a change and a new sheriff in town…err, the White House.

I’m even wearing my ‘Obama is my homeboy’ shirt! Underneath a longsleeve tee, though – it’s still cold!

Car parts are in!


Well the mechanic/garage called up yesterday and said they’d be over today to pick up my car, because the parts they ordered have finally reached them. I know my car’s old, but damn! I didn’t think it’d be this hard to get ‘foreign’ car parts. I realize if it were a Ford or Vauxhall the parts probably would have been here much sooner, but two weeks? I guess it was a hard-to-find part.

Oh well. Apparently they’ll be taking the White Lightning away on a flatbed later today from work, so I’ve arrange a lift home and will cycle into work tomorrow…

Nope, I haven’t cycled into work in months, and especially not in this weather! Although today has turned out nice, it’s still plenty dark after 5 for the ride home. But I have a new cycle computer I got for Christmas, plus a new light and tight-fitting longsleeve underwear (wicking performance shirt basically) so I’m ready to go – just need to do it.

Now, as far as getting out of the house by 6:30 AM…that’s another matter…