First ‘fitness update’

Well it’s been a week and I’ve lost a bit of weight already – I’m down to 96.8kg this morning.

This is just through portion control, I haven’t started exercising yet. I’m not eating any special foods or cutting anything out except candy bars & soda. I still have dessert but only a small bit at a time, I’m following the 80/20 diet rule – for example I bought a pack of Mini Magnum ice cream lollies for example, instead of normal-size ones. Also, when having a curry at home I’ll have about one and a half serving spoons each of rice and curry, instead of two or three spoons of both. So just cutting down a bit and having more water (and NO soda) helps me!

This week I’ll start exercising – I’m so bad at getting started! Plus it’s freakin’ cold and wet when I get home, especially today. I’ve been waiting for my car to get fixed (it’s that old that parts are taking forever to order) so I could see how cycling to work will go, but I just need to get off my ass and exercise. Plus I want to try out how the cold/wet weather gear I have will work, plus try out my light setup.

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