James Patterson novels

I just finished ‘The Lake House’ by James Patterson, the guy who wrote The Bone Collector and Kiss the Girls, both made into money-making movies, one or both of them with Morgan Freeman (the Oscar winner).

I don’t know how this guy sells the kind of shit he writes – chapters literally 2 or 3 pages long, no more than 10 chapters that were 5 or more pages. Comically bad plot holes, dialogue, internal monologue, ugh it just went on and on. But I finished it! Paid half price for it 3 years ago and it’s been sitting on the shelf along with the rest of the bookshelf waiting for me to get to it. So when I finished V for Vendetta I started this one up as a light read before diving into something else and boy oh boy was it ever light. 3 nights of reading, maybe 6 hours max. By the end I was skimming through the action climax (such as it was) just to get the stink of it off my fingers.

So I didn’t like it.

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