Happy New Year

Wassup folks, Happy New Year!

I hope everyone reading this had a liesurely holiday time doing stuff they enjoyed. Me, I:

  • read a lot (finished I think 4 books plus a graphic novel (V for Vendetta)),
  • played a lot on the Nintendo DS (mostly Age of Empires),
  • watched several DVDs (including Wall-E, Dara O’Briain, Shawn Lock, Curb Your Enthusiasm season 7 and a few others),
  • went to an animal park in the Lake District (saw baby rhinos, bears from Peru, tigers from Sumatra and Russia, lions, loads of screeching lemurs, various little monkeys, wallabies, penguins, emus and more),
  • and I can’t remember what else, really – it was a terrifically long time away from work! 🙂

Now, of course, though, starts the annual migration to gyms and jogging tracks around the Western world, and it’s no different with me. I’ll be starting up an exercise program this week with a big of free weights and jogging/cycling to get started on losing weight.

…I know, I know! I’ve said all this before, however last year when the weather was good and I was cycling to work a couple of times a week I lost about 8-10 pounds in a couple of months, which is damned good! And that without really controlling my eating portions. A couple of years previous, when I was strict about my portion sizes but I wasn’t exercising, I lost about the same amount of weight. If I can control both the amount of food I eat AND my exercise, I’ll be well on my way to losing all the weight I want to lose (7.3kg or 17 lbs) in the time I want to (end of June).

I chose the halfway point of the year as my time goal instead of the end of the year because a goal 12 months away is too easy to lose focus on. I may even change it up and make my time goal the end of March (and adjust the weight loss goal accordingly) just to make it that much easier to focus.

In fact, I think I will – end of March, down to 210 lbs. So instead of losing 17 lbs in 6 months my goal is to lose 7 lbs in 3 months. This should be relatively easy, and sets me up for the harder bit of losing 10 lbs over the following 3 months. If all goes to plan then I’ll try to maintain the weight for the rest of the year.

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