Call for creationism in UK schools

Aaauugh no.

Creationism should be discussed in school science lessons, rather than excluded, says the director of education at the Royal Society (Rev Prof Reiss, a biologist and Church of England minister)

Bloody hell, not here, too.

At least it’s being talked down a bit:

This was challenged by Simon Underdown, senior lecturer in the department of anthropology at Oxford Brookes University.

Creationism should be taught within the context of religion rather than science, said Dr Underdown. “It is not something that fits within the mainstream of science.”

With so much to be crammed into science lessons, it was not a worthwhile use of time to include lessons about creationism, he argued.

2 thoughts on “Call for creationism in UK schools

  1. I’ve never understood the reluctance to ‘teach the controversy’. Given that creation vs evolution has become such a huge issue for many, why not? I can see that it might fit better in a Sociology class, but as long as you’re already dealing with evolution in Science class, cover the issue and move on.

  2. Hmm, I can see your point, although I think it would be best be covered as ‘this is one theory, we won’t discuss it’. The discussion of it definitely doesn’t belong in a science class!

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