Mountain biking!

Yay, I went on my first mountain biking foray in years, and it was great! I realized very quickly that it’s not quite like bike commuting… on my commute it’s quite steady pedaling but I have to keep an eye on the mirror for cars/trucks coming up on me. When biking off-road it’s more like pedal-fast-or-coast-downhill then coast-a-tiny-bit-at-the-bottom, then downshift-loads-pedal-fast-uphill, watch-out-for-roots, whoops-there’s-a-boulder, ack-that-tree-is-in-the-way, and on and on 🙂

It was great, it’s just way more twitchy, fast-reaction stuff than being on a road bike or commuter. I’ve got a pic of my bike (minus rear fender), I’ll upload it soon.