Going to repaint my car

My car (the White Lightning Mark II, a ’95 Saab 900 S) has some pretty knackered bumpers, several rust bubbles and well-worn paint, and I was thinking today while I was hand-polishing it that I should sand down the bumpers, repair the rust bubbles and repaint the car.

I did a test case with the rear spoiler, which had gotten badly scratched up with my bike when I would drive it halfway to work to cycle in, so last week I got some wet/dry sandpaper, primer and satin black paint to give the spoiler a makeover. It came out reasonably well (needs one more coat to finish) so I’m going to do the same with the bumpers, which have their share of plastic filler and horrible paintwork. Basically I’ll sand them down by hand, shoot some white primer and then choose an easily-found white spray paint at the local auto parts store. It’s a big chain but they don’t have any Saab colors other than black, so I’ll pick a color, from, say, Ford or Vauxhall (General Motors Europe basically) and get a few cans.

Exact color matches from spray cans are really hard to get anyway, so as I fix the rust bubbles panel-by-panel I’ll be stripping the paint back, cutting away the rust, repairing the hole, shooting primer then shooting white. Some rubbing compound and maybe some lacquer and I’ll be set, I hope.

Some inspiration was found at the site of the guy who did the $50 paint job, but I’m not exactly able to keep the car off the road for a week while I repaint it, so I’m going to do one panel at a time while the weather is nice and sunny, and see how things go.

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