Quite a bit to do this week…

I’ve got a day and a half of holiday to take for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and I’ve got to get a few things sorted out, since we’re camping out not far from the Goodwood estate:

  • wash out the mini-BBQ grill and get it ready to go
  • make sure the el cheapo gas canisters I bought fit the el cheapo gas stove I got a while back
  • get all my clothes together and try to balance them between looking good and being trekky-comfy
  • hope I can withdraw enough money to cover fuel and food while we’re down there
  • test out the ‘miracle ice’ stuff we got over the weekend
  • make sure my electric tire pump will fill the double air bed
  • test-assemble the tent I’m borrowing
  • and finally, pack the car on Thursday before we go!