What a numpty

numpty; noun; nump – tee; a person who has done a foolish or silly thing, a moron, an idiot

So I was leaving the house, ready to get in the car with my case of poker chips in hand. I was driving because we were playing poker after work and there’s no sense cycling an hour and a half home at midnight.

Door closes, ‘click!’.

And I realize I don’t even have my keys.

Can’t get in the car, can’t get back in the house, both housemates out of town and nothing is open. I even crawled over the back wall to check if I’d accidentally left the back door open, but no joy.

So I had to call Andy, who I used to rideshare with, and luckily he hadn’t left home yet so he came and picked me up. I eventually sorted out a key from a guy who used to live at the house, and he came by at around 7 to let me in the house.

At least I was able to use the wireless network from the front room to check email and whatnot on my phone, I didn’t even have a book to read or anything!

So now I’m back in after a notably long day.