RIP George

…you shall be missed.

George Carlin died yesterday. Another comic legend has gone to the great gig in the sky. Or to the worms, if you follow George’s line of reasoning 🙂

Here’s one of what will probably be many many collections of YouTube clips: a George Carlin ‘obituary’

OMG the American-ness is overwhelming

Of the folks I know that interested in home protection, most just keep a baseball bat or an old golf club next to or under their bed. But if you REALLY want to know how you can keep your double-barrel 12-gauge handy, check this out!

I’m still on the lookout for a wooden baseball bat to have around. It’s just…classic. Since I’m in England I’d be happy with a cricket bat – the scenes in Spinal Tap with their manager smashing up an office are too funny NOT to want to replicate 🙂