Just saw Iron Man

I finally saw Iron Man, and wow, is it good.

I’m not a big Robert Downey Jr fan, but he was really really good in this. The computer graphics were way better and less obvious than in Indy 4, the story was good and all the supporting characters made sense (well, most of them) and I quite liked it. If I had to give it a negative for anything, it would be the final big fight could have been longer. But that’s such a minor gripe!

I’m not familiar with the comic story of Iron Man, other than that it’s a guy in a metal suit that can kick ass, but I was ready for a really good, well-done, quality comic book movie after so many nearly-there movies and just rank amateurish efforts. I didn’t realize that John Favreau (of Swingers fame) was the director until the credits rolled.

My rating for Iron Man: 9.5/10!

PS – if you’re familiar with the Marvel good-guy comics, stick around until the very very end of the credits (they are suprisingly long) for a tidy little cameo and foreshadowing.