2008 exercise regime

I’m on a weight program that I’ve cobbled together from loads of reading online, and started an 8-week fat-burning weightlifting workout. One day a week I do legs, shoulders, chest and arms; three days a week I do abs; two or three days a week I’m supposed to do running or rowing. For 8 weeks I’ll be doing various exercises for each group, 10-12 repititions, after that I’ll see how I’m doing and if I want to build more muscle I’ll add weight and drop the reps to 6-8. Fairly basic stuff according to the weightlifting websites but I had yet to try it.

I say ‘supposed to’ run because let’s face it, it’s wet and cold 🙂 but now that it’s starting to lighten up I may actually do the running. I was doing rowing because it can be done indoors but the machine I bought a while back was pissing me off because of a bad bearing and thrown chain, so it’s on eBay now 🙂

So that’s exercise being done, just have to do it every day pretty much. It’s a good way to blow off steam, literally, although on some days I end up taking 2 showers, which I’m not used to 🙂

As far as diet goes, I’m pretty much there I think, I eat as much organic & free range stuff as I can afford, trying to keep up on 5-a-day for veg and whatnot, but a few times a week a candy bar or loads of crisps still end up in my hands. I’m pretty much off sodas now, as long as I keep bringing a water bottle with me.

So…it should work (seriously, it really should, it can’t get much simpler – ‘diet and exercise’), I just have to stick with it. :))

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