The world is going to crap…so here’s a box of kittens to lighten things up.

The stock market has collapsed (again), oil is over $100 a barrel, diesel fuel is over £5 a gallon, food prices are set to rise, the US officially condones torture and suspends habeus corpus as well as right to due process, people are dying after being tasered, the war in Iraq will be expanding to Iran, internet usage is being ‘shaped’ to prevent people from doing what they want to do onlin, preliminary elections are possibly being rigged (and if not, there’s enough people thinking they are to merit investigation), the leading Democratic candidates are flaying each other alive instead of working together, there’s only one viable Republican candidate (subject to debate of course ), there’s no new TV on the horizon, Big Brother and American Idol/X-Fatcor are *still* on the air, and even the series that have new shows only have 8 or so episodes that can air.

…so here’s a litter of kittens trying to sleep in a tissue box:

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