The holiday is BOOKED!

We’d coming (or going, depending where you live) to the US this May!

This summer, my girlfriend and I are visiting Indiana (where one of her brothers lives) and San Antonio for several days each. Drop me a line if you expect me to be visiting!  We’re not in town for super long, about a week and a half, and we want to go to a few different places (meaning, really, I need to catch up on my Texan BBQ eating), so we won’t be able to meet up with friends every night but I’d like to try.

Planning on hitting Bob’s Pit BBQ, Rudy’s, the original Macaroni Grill in Boerne, Tom’s Ribs, Taco Cabana, plus Stubb’s in Austin and others I’ve left out! Hopefully the Spurs will still be playing so I can get a couple of playoff seats.  Might pay a visit to Sea World (never did go while I lived there) and a few country drives would be nice too.

Any ideas of more places I should hit?