Yeah…it’s COLD!

I don’t mind the cold, really, but we’ve just started having to scrape windscreens (windshields) in the morning, and occasionally even in the afternoon (5 PM) when I leave work. I’ve got a long scarf I wrap around my neck, my fleece hiking jacket zipped into my waterproof hiking jacket, a pair of thin suede/knit gloves with (supposedly) 3M Thinsulate and a thin wool hat. This is what I wear when I go to work now, until it warms up in the car.

It’s not bad, but sun worshippers might have a hard time with stuff like this. I don’t mind it because it’s a nice change from the summer weather, which until this summer was really really nice. Long, sunny days with big fluffy clouds are the norm, but this year we had loads of rain and terrible weather (for summer, anyway). Oh well, let’s see what global warming brings the UK for winter!