Apply ice pack, then a paper towel and a warm iron

I spilled a whole lotta candle wax on the (previously new) carpet in my room last week. I was burning this set of four square pillar candles and the wax overflowed the candle holder by a huge amount and spilled all over the dresser and then onto the carpet. So I’ve been thinking about how to remove the wax and finally did a Google search today.

It looks like the best advice is to:

  1. Put an ice pack on it so the wax gets very hard
  2. Use a dull knife to pick away at the wax and get most of it off the carpet
  3. Put a paper towel or brown paper bag over the remaining wax and apply a warm iron
  4. Move the paper towel around so the wax is absorbed by fresh spots and not re-melted into the carpet
  5. Use a good carpet stain remover

Hopefully that’ll do the trick!

On a side note, I’ve been wondering what I could do with all this melted wax? I guess I should stop trying to start all these projects – I’ve got a long list of things I want to do tonight (starting with LAUNDRY!! with two exclamation marks) and I really don’t need to start another project…I guess I’ll be tossing out the huge amount of melted wax I’ve got.


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