My ultimate pet peeve

Wanna know what my ultimate pet peeve is?

It’s not any of these:

  • hearing about the iPhone – I listen to tech podcasts from the US, and even they are tired of the damned thing, and now that it’s out in the UK I have listen to radio people mention it with their guests, who also have the thing
  • slow, speed-limted trucks/lorries passing each other on an uphill gradient
  • speed cameras
  • cars with loud exhausts that drive by the house at night, reflecting their noise off the closely spaced brick terraced houses
  • cars driving down the ‘no access’ street I live on
  • not being able to sleep when I know I should really be sleeping
  • drivers that don’t signal
  • having to re-heat food that I thought I’d already heated, but isn’t heated enough? you know what I mean?
  • drivers that jump out in front of me, forcing me to brake (if I didn’t have to brake and there’s room, I don’t mind, really)
  • babies crying non-stop – I know they’re babies and what babies do is cry, but COME ON!
  • iTunes – DRM-enabled, low-quality music that needs to be downloaded? No, thanks.
  • falling behind on emails and personal correspondence with long-distance friends
  • seemingly inattentive parents
  • the Macarena
  • modern pop music
  • daytime telly (shows and adverts)
  • bad year-end ‘best of (insert year here)’ compilations
  • Tejano music – luckily the UK has a huge dearth of tejano!
  • 99% of hip-hop music
  • Christmas stuff that’s out way too early (I’m talking Halloween, here, folks)
  • seeing the rubbish that people throw into the road – this morning I saw an empty file folder tossed into a bush! Really! A binder! In a bush!
  • country & western music
  • POP country & western music (C&W x2)
  • puppy and kitten farms
  • celebrities getting a slap on the wrist (Mike Tyson in jail for a day, Lindsay Lohan in jail for less than 90 minutes) while commoners getting sentences 10 years for cocaine possession
  • the spate of police brutality and Taser abuse news I read every week
  • fads that involve pets (clown fish, turtles, small dogs, etc.)
  • people that don’t give a crap about the environment because “I’ll be dead when the ocean level rises, so why should I care?”

None of these things annoy me as much as…are you ready?

My number one, daily annoyance is the stupid instant coffee granules in the sugar container! First of all, instant coffee is terrible. If I were a coffee drinker, I’d be using a carafe or French press instead of lame instant coffee. However, I’m not a coffee drinker. I don’t like coffee. Not. At. All. Not liking coffee is is why I DON’T WANT TO HAVE COFFEE-FLAVORED TEA!!! Yes, I can taste it! And yes, I hate it!

I might have to make a sign…and people don’t like it when I make signs!

Apply ice pack, then a paper towel and a warm iron

I spilled a whole lotta candle wax on the (previously new) carpet in my room last week. I was burning this set of four square pillar candles and the wax overflowed the candle holder by a huge amount and spilled all over the dresser and then onto the carpet. So I’ve been thinking about how to remove the wax and finally did a Google search today.

It looks like the best advice is to:

  1. Put an ice pack on it so the wax gets very hard
  2. Use a dull knife to pick away at the wax and get most of it off the carpet
  3. Put a paper towel or brown paper bag over the remaining wax and apply a warm iron
  4. Move the paper towel around so the wax is absorbed by fresh spots and not re-melted into the carpet
  5. Use a good carpet stain remover

Hopefully that’ll do the trick!

On a side note, I’ve been wondering what I could do with all this melted wax? I guess I should stop trying to start all these projects – I’ve got a long list of things I want to do tonight (starting with LAUNDRY!! with two exclamation marks) and I really don’t need to start another project…I guess I’ll be tossing out the huge amount of melted wax I’ve got.