Honda gets some Brawn

Wow. This is major. Ross Brawn (formerly of Ferrari) has decided to work with Honda after taking a year sabbatical. I think the whole F1 world was wondering a little about where Ross Brawn would fit in at the new-look Ferrari, and didn’t figure on him moving to Honda!

I certainly wasn’t expecting Honda to pony up the cash for someone with as big a name as Brawn, but it makes sense for them (or anyone, for that matter – Red Bull and Toyota would love to have someone like him running the team). There’s a lot at stake for Honda, they’ve spent loads of money on the team, just like Toyota over the past several years.

It’s shaping up to be an interesting 2008 already! I look forward to it all over again. 🙂

On a less exciting note, it looks like the McLaren spy scandal continues into a new chapter, with a slim chance of Lewis Hamilton (admittedly the most exciting new driver in many years) taking the championship away from Kimi (I’m still a fan of his, and had picked him to win this year’s title at the start of the season) because of fuel irregularities in the BMW cars at the last race of the season. I don’t think anyone really wants Lewis to win this way, especially Lewis himself, but we’ll see what the FIA say.

Also, Renault is now accused of having McLaren intellectual property on their 2007 cars, and like says, this sort of thing could just spiral out of control because this type of thinking that teams should exist in a vacuum and not pinch ideas from anyone else, which is what leads to wholesale innovation and experimentation. So let’s hope this doesn’t sink Formula One too much!

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