Car passed inspection = amps and subwoofer going in!

I was waiting to install my subwoofer and amplifier for my car’s stereo until it passed its annual inspection. Well, it passed last week so now I need to dig through my boxes of junk in the cellar to find the wires, RCA cables and whatnot to get everything sorted. With the sky totally dark before I get home I’ll literally need to use my head-mounted camping light to put everything in properly, but that’s alright – I’m not going to spend a load of time doing it. When I wired up the Alpine head unit (the ‘stereo’) I didn’t use any holes in the firewall like a pro would – I just ran the wires from the battery through the passenger door, and hopefully I’ll be able to do the same with the overly thick power wire for the amp.

The last time I had it wired up was two cars ago, or roughly two years ago – I just never could be bothered to properly wire up the ’93 Mazda 626 that I got about two years ago and replaced with the ’95 Saab 900 S this past February. The Saab’s a bit more substantial and I’m planning for keeping it a while, so I can think about putting in my amp and sub, then down the road replacing the stock paper speakers and putting in my 4-channel amp for the speakers.

Geez. It’s been a while since I had some massive choons in the vehicle! I’ll probably lose a bit more hearing but I have to listen to the Creedence at full blast at least once šŸ˜‰

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