Starting to exercise

So I’m on my way to a regular exercise thing.

The past few weeks I’ve gone running a couple of days a week, but hopefully this week (my birthday week) I’ll be starting an everyday routine of running for half an hour, with a beginner dumbbell routine a couple of days a week (probably Tuesdays and Thursdays). On the days I do the dumbbells I’ll do rowing for half an hour instead of running those days.

So what’s got me on this, then?

Turning 34 tomorrow is one thing. Another thing was this post on Zen Habits, which (like every other ‘lose weight’ post online) outlines the quite basic way to lose weight. It’s a little more advanced than simple ‘eat less and exercise’, but that’s the simplest way to put it. One of the tips they have is to use this site called Fit Day, which basically lets you calorie-count, but you can also put in how much you exercise each day, so it tells you how many calories you’re taking in and burning off, as well as what sort of nutrition you’re getting.

Another excellent site is Physics Diet, which is based on the nearly mythical Hacker Diet but is a bit more advanced –  you put in your weight every day, and you see your weight chart as you go along. You can put in your weight, heart rate and other things to make it more detailed, or just stick with logging your weight like I do. I’ve been lazy the past couple of months so my weight has shot up but with regular exercise it should start coming down.

So in addition to continuing to add my weight to my Physics Diet page, I’ll be logging stuff here on the ol’ blogerooney, just to keep myself honest.

In addition to this stuff, I think I’ll start doing kung fu once a week, maybe twice a week. I’m checking it out. I might do kickboxing instead if I don’t like the more regimented (traditional) kung fu, but one step at a time 🙂


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