Does anyone else just not remember any their dreams?

I was listening to one of the Radio 1 evening shows and the DJ was asking people to text in about their weirdest dreams. I’ve had a couple that I can remember but not for decades (literally!). I can sometimes, maybe once every couple of months, remember snippets of a dream just after waking, but generally I don’t remember any of my dreams. When I do remember them it’s not really the daily cataloging that dream experts say happens (although that may take place during early dream sleep), what I usually remember is some childhood memory or an actual fantasy dream, like me getting all sorts of loot for some reason or another.

Does anyone else not remember much of their dreams night after night? Just throwing this out there, it’s a pretty random question!

4 thoughts on “Does anyone else just not remember any their dreams?

  1. Hmmm, I don’t remember if it suppressed my dreams or not, way back when, but I haven’t partaken of any pot in quite a while – thanks for the suggestion though! 🙂

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