Colin, you shall be remembered

Colin McRae is dead.

Another motorsport legend goes out, not in a blaze of glory on the racetrack, but in a helicopter accident which also killed his 5-year old son and two family friends, one of whom was a young lad as well.

I don’t remember the first time I heard about Colin McRae, but I certainly remember eagerly scanning the World Rally Championship highlights for  ‘Colin McCrash’, who  seemed to be able to set the world on fire with a normal-looking street car on wet, gravelly roads. It’s a pity his run of success wasn’t longer, but he did get to enjoy his fame and fortune, which I certainly didn’t begrudge him.

I’m sure that many folks will be firing up their rally console games this week and in months to come and remembering fondly all the antics, crashes and wins  of Colin…I certainly will!

Here’s to you, Colin!