TEN years!

That’s how long I’ve been working for the company I’m at.

It’s hard to believe really, that it’s been ten years since I packed up the stuff in my apartment into a Ryder van, sold my motorcycle, put Toonces the cat in the cab and drove west on the I-10 towards California. Along the way I’ve met some great people, dealt with various personalities, appeared in magazines, on television, been interviewed a few times, annoyed plenty of people, gotten really into RC racing, gotten really out of RC racing, traveled to Japan, the UK, Germany, France and all across the United States.

A decade.

That’s a hell of a long time for anything, be it work, marriage, or any relationship at all. It’s been great. I don’t want to embarass anyone but I do want to thank some folks: James, Kent, Jason, my parents and my friends in both San Antonio and California, plus all the hundreds of former and current HPI racers I’ve met all around the world.

So…here’s to another ten years? Who knows 🙂

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