ha, ha!

Ya gotta love Larry Flynt. That’s the guy that started Hustler magazine and went to court to defend his first amendment rights against Jimmy Swagart. He placed a full-page ad in the Washington Post to ask for any details about lawmakers who have visited prostitutes.

Here’s one of the many stories about this, and the first senator to be named and shamed.

“If somebody’s living a lie … they become fair game,” Flynt said, referring to Vitter’s “family values” stances and opposition to same-sex marriage.

Flynt said his investigations were not meant to be witch-hunts against frisky members of Congress — “I don’t care what their sex life involves,” he said — rather the goal is exposing hypocrisy.

“Unfortunately we have too many of these guys in Congress, and I’m going to do my part to get them out.”

Go on and get ’em!