Yesss! Provolone cheese found!

I’ve been dying to make a Philly cheese steak for ages, but can’t find provolone cheese in the stores here. The selection of American and continental (i.e., European) foods in markets here has improved even in the time I’ve been in the UK (3 years), but I have yet to find very specific items like provolone cheese. Until now! Normally I’d be wary of ordering food that should be refrigerated online, but I might give this a go. I just have to make sure to line up the meat and bread supply when I order the cheese. Butchers here don’t know what ‘top round’ is (the traditional cheese steak cut of beef), and Italian bread will be impossible to find (slighty chewy crust, chewy inside) but I’ll give it a try with a roast cut of beef and French bread. Have to just make do, sometimes!

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