New power supply in hand

Tonight’s the night I try out the new power supply that was delivered today. I got a Scythe Infinity CPU cooler to go with it too, so that down the road I can fit more RAM on the motherboard. The cooler is bent quite a bit, though, so it’ll have to be returned. At least I’ll be able to see if if fits in the case.

All that is beside the point, though – I need to make sure the computer starts up OK with the new power unit, after that I’ll worry about fixing up the rest of the computer.

I also got the fletching jig and new vane/fletchings for my arrows, which will probably be interesting to try out, considering there are no instructions with the jig!

UPDATE: now posting this from my home computer, yay! I’m glad I got the new power supply ordered on Friday, I would have had to wait another day or two to get the machine running.  I got a unit from an outfit called Xilence, it’s meant to be super quiet. I still have a bit of fan noise so I might unplug at least the fan in the back of the computer, which is an 80mm fan. Even better will be swapping out the front fan (80mm) for a 120mm fan, which spins slower and is therefore quieter.

Anyway, I’m off to figure out why my Azureus downloading proggie isn’t working!

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