My computer is bust. Was online all night the other night, and in the morning it was off. Could have been a power cut, I didn’t think it had crashed so bad as to shut itself off. It hasn’t crashed in a while, anyway.

So I go to turn it back on and it just…won’t…turn on. Tried a few things to clear the BIOS and CMOS, whatever, that didn’t work, it still shuts off after a few seconds. Probably the power supply now,  so I’ve ordered a snazzy new very quiet power supply along with a new CPU cooler. I’ll be needing a new cooler anyway so I can fit more RAM in the computer (the one I have is sweet but so low-profile it won’t allow me to fit 4 sticks of RAM on the motherboard).

Anyway, at least it’s payday and I won’t be on the computer over the weekend anyway so at the moment it’s not a big loss. I got a bit more reading done yesterday, that’s all.