Stupid DRM

You know that big hoo-hah with the code that was all over the internet a couple of weeks back, that supposedly would let huge amounts of people copy HD-DVD’s to their heart’s content? Well the group that made all the fuss about the code has a NEW code out for HD-DVD’s that are coming out in the next few weeks and guess what? It’s already been broken.

I’ve commented before that code monkeys paid to come up with copyright protection for their day job will never be able to compete with hordes of people who enjoy cracking codes and sticking to the man as a hobby.

Like BoingBoing says: “DRM doesn’t work (this DRM took years and cost millions, it was broken in days, for free, by hobbyists). Pirates who download movies don’t ever see DRM. Honest customers who buy media are the only people who ever get restricted by it — and it’s clear that a lot of people aren’t willing to pay money for movies that are less useful than the pirate versions they can get for free.”