OK one more time on the climate change thing

Whether or not you’re ‘taken in’ by global warming, the facts are clear that temperatures are rising, sea levels are rising, etc., etc. Most scientists agree that people are the cause of the recent accelerated rise in temperature, but believe what you will.

I’ll put it like this, then: decide what to do to protect the environment by protecting yourself.

  • Don’t want to continue paying high prices for gas/petrol? Drive slower, drive less often, ride a bike, walk to the shops, buy a smaller car (listed in increasing levels of effort )
  • Don’t want to pay more for garbage/rubbish collections? Recycle and encourage others to do so.
  • Want to lower your water bills? Use a rainwater collection barrel for watering your garden/lawn.
  • Want to lower your electricity bills? Turn off things when you leave a room, use more LED or flourescent lighting, try solar-powered water heating and lawn lighting.

If you don’t want to ‘Save Our Planet’, try saving some money šŸ˜›

Posted on socialdiscussion.com by me earlier today.

One thought on “OK one more time on the climate change thing

  1. Kudos to you!! Image if you will that we, the environmentalists, are wrong about climate change. If we are wrong, it doesn’t change the fact that conservation, organic food and protecting the plant are all things that increase the lengths and quality of our lives. Love the post!!

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