Getting Things Done

I’d imagine that most people haven’t heard about this thing called Getting Things Done (GTD), but it seems to have gathered loads and loads of web press in recent months. Basically it’s the latest popular method of organizing stuff you need to do, so you can do the things you want to do. I’d recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a way to update or change their habits and stuff. The process is fairly simple and revolves around making lists of things for each project you’re working on and knocking things out one at a time. No multi-tasking and no dithering about.

Saying that, though – I haven’t read all the stuff there is about it because I’ve been making lists for years. I forget who first told me, but I figured out on my own ages ago that if I wrote something down I wouldn’t have to remember it. Pretty simple, really, but I guess people need to be reminded of the simple stuff 🙂

The other cool thing about GTD is that there’s loads of web resources for it that you can get, most of them for free, and it’s generally pretty easy to follow. Here’s a bunch of links about GTD, if you want to know the basics of it check out the Wikipedia link about it.

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