Making progress on the switchover…

Well it looks like I will be able to easily move anything I put on this blog to a future as-yet-unnamed WordPress blog. Yay for open source!

The search is on, however, for a web hosting provider that is US-based (so I can take advantage of really cheap hosting) with easy WordPress install and database included. Right now, it looks like I can pay roughly what I pay for UK-based hosting but get a WordPress-authorized host with loads of traffic, plenty of space and (most importantly) a MySQL database included, whereas I’d have to pay for that database with my UK host.

Will have to think on this a bit. Don’t want to have any folks needing to update blog links a bunch of times!

Hello world!

I guess this is my first post on my new WordPress blog!

Don’t really have much to say at the moment, except that I’ll be moving old posts from my blog to this one.

I’m still pondering spending 25 pounds a year for a database account with my web hosting provider so that I could host my own blog on my own site, so I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing just yet! If I can figure out how to easily (e.g., one-click) move posts from THIS blog to a privately hosted WordPress blog, then I’ll stick with this one and then move to my own hosted blog in the future. But moving posts from Blogdrive to WordPress is, apparently, a total PITA.

More will come in the future.